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Student Success Stories

   Shelby K. Powell
   Class of 2016

I have worked with an academic advisor in the Students First Office since April 2013 after having a rough year with grades and academics. My SFO advisor coached me and explained all the things about college that I never knew. She called other university offices and, when needed, spoke with other faculty and staff to ensure I was on the right path. Plus, when I had any concerns or worries or things I did not understand, she was able to guide me and point me in the right direction. She has been a great advisor and mentor...and I could not wish for anyone else to help and guide me through all the University's ins and outs.

...I know I will continue to call on her when needed until I graduate. I greatly appreciate what the Students First Office provides on a daily basis to all the students, including myself, at UNCG.

   Savannah Vining
   Class of 2016

As a freshman I felt that I was supposed to already have everything set for my major. Three weeks into the semester and I felt like I regretted the major I chose and when I talked with two or three of the employees from the Students First Office, I realized that it was ok to change my major to something else. Even if they couldn't help me pin point exactly what I wanted to change it to, they gave me direction to others who could help (such as the Career Services Center). It was like I was lost and the Students First Office gave me a map on where to go.

Later I came back because I realized that I found a major that was most likely the best fit for me and the Students First Office was again helpful on taking me as a walk in apt. since I didn't even have one scheduled. They helped me revise my schedule a bit and went beyond their way to even call other directors to try to see what classes I could take since it was so late into the semester to just sign up.

I feel like a whole new person after visiting Student's First. I have no more anxiety and am beginning to actually enjoy my college experience here on campus, knowing that there is not any stress or pressure on myself to be something that I am not. I feel like I am going to succeed in my new expectations with my new major, and if again I choose to change that then at least I know who can help me.

Overall, it was like having a puzzle and not knowing what pieces fit where. Student's First is what gave me the hint and helped me complete the puzzle. If anyone feels the same way that I had then I highly advise visiting Student's First, even if they are a bit hesitant. Only good will come out at the end.

   Chelsae Long
   Class of 2010

My experience with the Students First Office began after I was readmitted to UNCG after a semester of academic suspension. At first, I thought meeting with SFO was going to be annoying. However, in the end it turned out to be the one of the best experiences and opportunities, thanks to my Students First Office advisor. No matter what questions, concerns, or doubts I had, she was right there to help and without her I would not have graduated in December of 2010.

Though the steps you take to achieve student success can sometimes become frustrating, such as meeting with your teachers throughout the semester or meeting with other resources on campus, it all pays off in the end. You gain more respect from professors who see you are trying to get awesome grades, and you get the opportunity to learn more about the resources and support services offered at your school.

Even though I have graduated, I still email my Students First Office advisor with questions about graduate school information and future opportunities available through UNCG. What's my advice to any students who are struggling to maintain their grades or who are simply looking for an extra push? Make an appointment with the Students First Office and see how much you can grow and achieve, both personally and academically.

   Chiquanna Villines
   Class of 2012

As a first year college student, I was undecided and dealing with lots of personal issues such as homesickness and not feeling accepted. My Students First Office advisor, who also happened to be my FFL instructor, helped me feel comfortable in this foreign college setting; it made the transition easier and helped me cope with my feelings of anguish.

Not only did the Students First Office help me in deciding on a major, but my advisor also encouraged me to get involved on campus by applying to be a Peer Academic Leader (PAL) my sophomore year. This was the best decision I made at UNCG, getting involved is a great way to feel welcomed at any university. Being a mentor and a pathway for other students helped me become an informed student and gain professional skills. As a PAL, it is important to know your role and assist the students the best way you can. In order to best fulfill this position you have to make many networks throughout campus and have a good understanding of the many campus resources.

I am extremely grateful to the Students First Office and my advisor/FFL instructor. With her support I have had an amazing opportunity to meet new people, develop great relationships, gain knowledge, and develop into a more professional student. I have great memories as a UNCG student and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

   Danielle Merriman
   Class of 2012

Coming back to UNCG as a sophomore in August 2009, my whole life had been turned upside down. I was unmarried, four months pregnant, and had been told to quit school because I was on the road to never graduating. Anyone that knows me will tell you I am not a quitter and these harsh words made me want to work that much harder. At that time I began looking for support on campus and was paired to work with an advisor in the Students First Office. She turned out to be my academic savior. After much hesitation and long talks, my SFO advisor and I started to piece together an academic plan that kept me on track and allowed me flexibility to succeed throughout the next six semesters.

Not only did I gain a friend through working with her, I gained confidence, success, and drive to be the best I could be. At any time I could email my SFO advisor with a question and have a response within hours with the exact information needed. She knew most everything, but if there was ever a time when she wanted a better answer, she would do research, ask others, and kept me updated throughout the whole process. My SFO advisor wants what is best for me and continues to do what she has to do to help me get to the top. Through each step and over each mountain, she was by my side, helping me through it all.

Now, I am a senior in the middle of my student teaching on the Dean's List and the proud mother of a beautiful two year old boy. Without the help of the Students First Office, I believe I would have fallen onto the path of never making it.

   Everick Davis
   Class of 2013

Working with the staff in the Students First Office has been both an honor and a pleasure. Nowhere else on campus have I found a group of people who is as willing to help someone out as the advisors in SFO. As a student who does not have the highest GPA and sometimes struggles to achieve the grades I want, having this organization and the support of these people is always great motivation. It is nice to be somewhere with people who will be with you through both the successful and the harder times in college life. Even if you are not sure the advisors can help, I would recommend any student at UNCG to come over to the Students First Office. They will help you make a plan and now that I am nearing graduation I am glad to have had their support since I entered the University.