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Academic Advising

Requesting a Course Overload

Although 12 semester hours is considered the minimum registration necessary for a student to receive full-time undergraduate status, the majority of students will take an average course load of 15-17 hours each term.

Undergraduates may not take more than 18 hours per semester except with the approval of their assigned academic advisor. To request special permission to take more than 18 hours, you must contact your assigned academic advisor. Requests are granted at the discretion of your assigned academic advisor. The Students First Office only grants course overloads for Exploratory students and students on academic probation.

For Exploratory students, approval to take more than 18 hours requires one or both of the following:

  • A minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA
  • Anticipated graduation within 1-2 terms **

** Please note that course overload requests of 19 hours or more are only approved for students in academic good standing, regardless of a student's anticipated graduation date

If you are on academic probation and wish to take more than 13 hours per semester, you will need to contact the Students First Office and submit a Course Overload Request Form.

Please contact your assigned academic advisor or the Students First Office if you have questions about summer course overloads.

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