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Exploratory Advising

Exploratory Majors FAQs

Can I still graduate on time if I am an exploratory student? plus

    Yes! It is possible to complete degree requirements in four years when you and your advisor work together to carefully to select courses. However, the time it takes to complete your degree also depends on when you declare a major and which major you declare.

How long can I be an Exploratory Major? plus

    You can be an Exploratory Major as long as it takes you to decide on a major. However, we encourage students to declare a major by the time they reach the 45 hour benchmark in order to promote timely degree completion. It is important to note that once a student reaches 140 hours a tuition surcharge applies. Also, UNCG’s Financial Aid Office defines the maximum time frame allowed for students to complete their degree as 180 hours.

When do most Exploratory Students declare a major? plus

    No two Exploratory Students go through the same process in declaring a major. We want you to explore and declare at the pace that is right for you. Each student is unique and explores their options in different ways and on a timeframe specific to them. Your Exploratory Academic Advisor can serve as a guide through this process and help you meet important benchmark requirements for certain majors.

How do I change my major? plus

    Some majors require you to apply for acceptance while others simply require you to complete the change of major form on the University Registrar’s Office website. Visiting the departmental website can be helpful in determining the process for major declaration. Your Exploratory Academic Advisor can also help you determine the steps you need to take to declare your major.

Will the classes I take as an Exploratory Student count towards my new major? plus

    Yes! UNCG requires all undergraduate students to meet General Education Core (GEC) requirements, which are courses designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be critical and creative thinkers, ethical decision-makers, effective communicators, and collaborative and engaged global citizens. We recommend Exploratory Students enroll in GEC courses as a way to “test drive” majors of interest to them. Often, courses that students take to meet GEC requirements also fulfill requirements in certain majors.

What are the advantages of being an Exploratory Major? plus

    Being an Exploratory Major allows you to explore your interests and strengths in a supportive environment with the assistance of an Exploratory Academic Advisor. Spending time on self-exploration, majors, and potential careers prior to declaring a major can help you to be certain of your choice of major. Nationally, students change their major 2-3 times. At UNCG, students typically change their major 4-6 times before they graduate from UNCG. Being an Exploratory student also provides you with valuable lessons in researching options, evaluating alternatives, and decision making that can be applied beyond your time at UNCG.

I’m worried that the major I’m considering is not going to lead me to a career. What should I do? plus

    For students interested in majors that do not have a defined career path, it is sometimes difficult to answer the question, “What are you going to do with a major in __________?” However, many majors can provide you with skills that are transferrable to a variety of career options. The Career Services Center is an excellent resource that can help you identify possible career options for your desired degree.

I’m an upperclassman and I’m rethinking my major choice. What can I do? plus

    Although changing your major later in your college career can be challenging, it is not impossible. What is most important is that you choose a major that interests you and keeps you engaged. Exploring your interests further is a great idea if you are in this position. However, changing your major in your junior or senior year can delay your graduation and have added costs associated with it, such as additional semesters and living costs and well as a tuition surcharge. Depending on how close to graduation you are, another feasible option might be completing your current degree and pursuing new interests through a second undergraduate degree or in a master’s program. Our Exploratory Advisors are happy to meet with you to discuss these options.

My student is an Exploratory Major. How can I support them through their exploration? plus

    As a parent or family member of an Exploratory Major, you are a valuable member of your student’s support team. You can support your student through their exploration experience by encouraging them to utilize Campus & Academic resources at UNCG. The various academic, personal, financial, and career resources offered at UNCG will help Exploratory Majors find intentional and meaningful ways to explore self, major, and career options. Additionally, you can support your student by encouraging them to talk openly about courses, activities, and interests with you and your family. Providing information about your experiences in the working world can also be extremely valuable to your student.