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Exploratory Advising

Exploring with Purpose - Self-Exploration

Self-exploration is an ongoing process that includes collecting information about your interests, abilities and skills, values, personality, and career readiness.

Interests: Interests are simply things you enjoy. Having an understanding of what you like, as well as what you don’t like, can help you discover academic majors and career paths that will complement what you are already passionate about. Here are a few activities that you can work through on your own to understand what your interests are:

  • Interest Profiler - compliments of
  • Career Lattice - compliments of Piedmont Triad Partnership
  • Strong Interest Inventory – The Strong Interest Inventory® is an online assessment available in UNCG Career Service Center that can help you discover interests, preferences, and personal styles.

Abilities and Skills: These are the things that you feel you naturally do well. Abilities might come from past experiences or training, but they could also simply be something in which you have a natural talent. The following activities will help you evaluate your current skills and perform a “gap analysis” between what skills you may have now and what certain careers demand.

Values: A value is a belief that holds meaning to you and may influence your career decisions. Values can guide you towards decisions that will lead to satisfaction and happiness, both in your career and your everyday life.

  • Work Values Sorter - compliments of
  • Insight Values - compliments of CareerPerfect
  • Values Card Sort – an excellent way to take a look at common values, those that you hold true for yourself, and the many ways you can connect them with workplace values.

Personality and Preferences: Personal style and preferences determine how you fit into the environment, how you process information, and how you make meaning of the world around you. Understanding your own personality and preferences will assist you in finding a work setting that suits you.

  • Work Preferences Inventory - compliments of CareerPerfect
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator - The MBTI can assist students with career decisions by identifying occupations and working environments that may fit their personalities. The MBTI identifies individual preferences and relates these preferences to those of others in various career fields. The instrument is also helpful in identifying possible strengths and areas of needed improvement, which may be helpful as you begin the interview process for graduate school or employment. The instrument takes about thirty minutes to complete.
  • Career Thoughts Inventory – Ask the Career Services Center about taking this assessment through their office.

Career Readiness: This assessment helps you evaluate and understand your readiness for job search. You will be given a useful picture of what an optimal job search plan entails and the results include the areas in which you might need additional support. Contact the Career Services Center to learn more about taking this assessment. Limited availability.

For more information about the resources listed above, please contact UNCG’s Career Services Center at (336) 334-5454.