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Academic advising at UNCG is much more than supplying students with their advising code and helping them select courses. As an advisor, you have the opportunity to develop a professional relationship with your advisees in order to help them make informed choices and decisions about their education and career future. In addition to providing students with accurate information and direction in selecting a major and completing a degree program, academic advising is an educational and developmental process that has the potential to be one of the student's most impactful experiences at UNCG.

As an academic advisor, you will support your advisees by:

  1. Helping them plan personal, educational, and career goals.
  2. Sharing the information and skills needed for academic success.
  3. Assisting your advisees in accessing campus resources and services available to support students.

You will find several resources on this website that will guide you as you are meeting with your advisees. Information regarding course registration, general advising, students in academic difficulty & recovery, and academic policy are outlined for your convenience.

In addition, due to the high volume of advising appointments that you will have each semester, you may find it beneficial to ensure that your advisees are prepared for their appointments. The Students First Office can be of assistance by providing in-depth details concerning academic advising and how to prepare for advising appointments. Empower your advisees in maximizing their appointment times by first directing them to browse the Advising Basics information provided on the Students First Office website.