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Resources for Students in Academic Difficulty & Recovery

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Academic Connnections in Education plus

    Students returning to UNCG after academic suspension are required to participate in the Academic Connections in Education program (ARS 120). The ACE program engages students to discover strengths and make informed decisions that will assist in accomplishing academic, career, and life goals. As part of their contract, students will have regular meetings with an academic coach, periodic appointments with instructors, and attend other University resources.

    To learn more about the Academic Connections in Education program, students should contact the Students First Office.

Academic Renewal plus

    With the Academic Renewal Policy, qualifying students can be granted grade forgiveness in which all previously completed courses in which they earned a grade C- or below. Courses and grades will remain on a student's academic transcript, but the grades and hours earned will be expunged from your cumulative GPA and from your mandated degree requirements.

    For more information on how a student qualifies for Academic Renewal, review the Academic Renewal Request or contact the University Registrar's Office.

Academic Standing plus

    Academic standing for degree-seeking undergraduate students who began at UNCG prior to fall 2014 is based solely on grade point average (GPA). For students who began their degree at UNCG in fall 2014 or later, academic standing will be based on both grade point average (GPA) and Satisfactory Academic Progress (percentage of hours completed each term). Please click on the following links for more information regarding academic good standingacademic warning,academic probation, academic suspension, and academic dismissal.


Appeals (Suspension, Dismissal, Returning from Dismissal) plus

    In rare circumstances, students who are on academic probation or returning after academic suspension may encounter unexpected and extenuating circumstances that significantly inhibit their ability to meet the parameters of their probationary status which results in their academic suspension or dismissal (see Academic Standing for more information). When situations like this arise, students may want to consider completing a Suspension or Dismissal Appeal. If this appeal is granted, students are permitted to continue their enrollment at the University without having to sit out for a designated period of time.

    If a student is placed on Academic Dismissal, they must appeal for permission to return to UNCG after being away for a minimum of one academic year. This request should be done through the Students First Office.

    For more information on Suspension or Dismissal Appeals, review Academic Appeal information.

    For more information on returning after Academic Dismissal, review the Returning from Academic Dismissal Appeal information.

Grade Replacement Policy plus

    UNCG's Grade Replacement Policy allows students to replace up to three grades by repeating courses for a better grade. The only grades eligible for Grade Replacement are those earned for courses taken during and since fall 2005. No grade earned in a course taken before fall 2005 can be excluded from the GPA through Grade Replacement. Additionally, only courses at the 300-level or below qualify for Grade Replacement and once a replacement has been requested, it cannot be reversed.

    A student cannot take advantage of both Academic Renewal and Grade Replacement.

    Students wishing to take advantage of this policy should fill out the Grade Replacement Request Form available in 061 McIver Building and the University Registrar's Office and submit the form only after the grade for the second attempt has been posted.

Retroactive Course Withdrawal Requests plus

    Periodically, students may encounter unexpected and extenuating circumstances that occur after the last day to drop a class without academic penalty but still significantly inhibit their ability to succeed academically. For these unique situations, students may want to consider a Retroactive Course Withdrawal Request. If granted, this request allows students to be withdrawn from a course or courses without academic penalty, even if the University drop date has already passed.

ARS 100: Reclaim, Regain, and Recover plus

    ARS 100: Reclaim, Regain and Recover is an automated, online course required for students on Academic Probation at UNCG.

    Designed with your academic success in mind, the program focuses on academic recovery strategies related to University policies, academic and campus resources, communication techniques, emotional intelligence, and goal-setting. Along the way, students also have the full support of the Students First Office staff.

    Program benefits include:

    • Self-paced online modules focused on academic recovery
    • Custom and personalized support from an Academic Recovery Specialist
    • Resources for reaching academic goals and personal success

    To learn more about ARS 100, visit our Academic Recovery frequently asked questions page or contact the ARS 100 coordinator:

    Amanda Phillips
    Academic Recovery Specialist 
    Students First Office
    256C McIver Building
    Greensboro, NC 27402

ARK: Academic Resources and Knowledge plus

    Students placed on Academic Warning are required to participate in the Academic Resources and Knowledge (ARK) program.

    As part of the ARK program, students are required to participate via Canvas in a series of academic seminars focused on academic policy and university resources. Then, throughout the semester, an Academic Recovery Specialist will assist you as needed so that you are able to ultimately return to Academic Good Standing .

    Program benefits include: Access to customized support from an Academic Recovery Specialist Connections to academic resources to increase your ability to reach your academic goals and keep the following sentences that are there currently below the above portion Please note that Academic Warning and Financial Aid Warning are different processes.

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