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Foundations for Learning

Foundations for Learning Program

The Foundations for Learning (FFL) program at UNCG is designed to foster students' academic and personal success, holistic development, and seamless transitions throughout their undergraduate experience at UNCG. Through three distinct FFL courses facilitated by an FFL Instructor and Peer Academic Leader (PAL), students engage in an active exploration of higher education and the various resources, skills, and competencies essential to academic success at UNCG.

As part of their FFL experience, students will:

  • Explore the differences between high school and college learning environments
  • Develop effective interpersonal, small group communication, and oral presentation skills
  • Practice effective academic and personal skills to manage academic responsibility
  • Integrate concepts, information, and insights gained in the classroom with learning experiences that occur out of the classroom
  • Engage with the UNCG and surrounding Greensboro community through scholarship and learning

To learn more about the FFL Program, visit our Curriculum & Program page