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Academic Probation

Academic Probation

Students who do not meet the requirements of Academic Good Standing will be placed on Academic Probation..

In addition, students who fall on Academic Warning after their first term at UNCG and fail to complete the terms of the Academic Warning Program will be placed on Academic Probation.

If you find yourself on Academic Probation, you will need to complete the following requirements:

  • Enroll in and successfully complete the requirements of the Academic Probation Program
  • Limit your semester hours to 13 hours every fall and spring term and 8 semester hours in the summer
  • Earn a minimum 2.30 term GPA every term until your cumulative GPA reaches the required 2.00
  • Earn a minimum 67% of your semester hours each term *for students who began their degree at UNCG in fall 2014 or later

Failure to complete any of the previously mentioned requirements will result in Academic Suspension.

In the Students First Office, we understand that students sometimes find themselves on Academic Probation because they have not connected to the many campus and academic resources available to support students. To learn more about the variety of services at UNCG, check out the Campus & Academic Resources on the Students First Office website.

Not sure where to start? Schedule an appointment with an SFO advisor to develop a plan that will work best for you and your academic success.

You can read more about the Academic Probation policy in the Undergraduate Bulletin.