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Starfish for Students

Starfish for Students

Are you a student wondering:
"What is Starfish?"

Starfish EARLY ALERT is an early support system to ensure student success at UNCG. An Academic Status Report will be sent to each of your instructors at 4 and 7 weeks. Flags can be raised by instructors to let you know that you may need additional support in the class. You will then be contacted in order to connect you to the appropriate individual who can assist with the concern. In addition, instructors can raise kudos to congratulate you on your academic success. Starfish flags and kudos are simply notifications. They do not indicate grades and are not permanent records.

Holly Hebard, Associate Director in the Students First Office, manages the majority of Starfish flags and coordinates support efforts for students. Holly is joined by the Starfish Outreach Team: Torri Staton, Trista Law, Heather Kern, and Dana Saunders. The Starfish Outreach Team is available for collaboration on a strategic plan for success and to connect you with additional resources on campus that will be an integral part of your academic achievement. Appointments can be made by logging into Blackboard, clicking on the Starfish tab at the top of the page, and locating the Students First Office. Simply click Schedule Online to access availability and select an appointment. During your appointment, you will meet with one of the members of the Starfish Outreach Team.

Common resources that students may be referred to are listed below. You can also click on Campus and Academic Resources tab to the left for a comprehensive list of campus and academic resources.

  • Bryan School Undergraduate Student Services - (336) 334-5928:
    If you are a student in the Bryan School and find yourself needing assistance with course plans or career development, please consider taking advantage of the Bryan School Undergraduate Student Services. Staff are available to help you with registration, study abroad, and other concerns.

  • Career Services Center - (336)-334-5454:
    If you find that you are overwhelmed and struggling to find direction in your education or career, please consider taking advantage of the Career Services Center. The CSC offers guidance in choosing a major, researching career options, the internship and job search, interviews, and resume building. There is help if you are feeling overwhelmed!

  • Counseling and Testing Center - (336)-334-5874: If you find that you are struggling academically due to a personal issue, please consider taking advantage of the Counseling and Testing Center. The CTC provides individual therapy to help students who are experiencing health or personal issues that are affecting their performance in school or their ability to persist at UNCG cope with a diverse range of mental health and developmental concerns.

  • Dean of Students Office - (336)-334-5514:
    If you are experiencing a crisis or are in need of personal/academic support, please consider first speaking to the Dean of Student's Office. This office advocates for students and supports the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility.

  • Office of Accessibility Resources and Services - (336)-334-5440:
    If you find that you are struggling academically due to a disability, please consider taking advantage of The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services. OARS provides, coordinates, and advocates for services which enable students with disabilities to receive equal access to a college education.

  • Financial Aid Office - (336)-334-5702:
    If you find that you are stressed about Financial Aid, please consider speaking to an advisor in the Financial Aid Office.

  • Housing and Residence Life - (336)-334-5636:
    If you are having an issue in your residence hall that is interfering with your performance academically, please contact Housing and Residence Life to address your concern.

  • Office of Transfer & Adult Student Academic Success - (336)-334-5324
    If you are an adult or transfer student who is having difficulty with the transition to college for any reason, please consider seeking guidance from the Office of Transfer & Adult Student Academic Success. This office helps students map short and long term plans for success: to graduation and beyond.

  • University Speaking Center - (336) 256-1346
    If you are struggling with oral presentations or group work in your class, please consider taking advantage of the University Speaking Center. The Speaking Center helps students develop oral communication confidence and competence via one-on-one tutoring and instructional workshops.

  • Students First Office - (336)-334-5730:
    If you are struggling with questions or concerns about advising, please consider taking advantage of general academic advising services through the Students First Office in the office of Undergraduate Student Excellence. The Students First Office offers supplemental advising to assist you in selecting a major, creating an academic plan, and accomplishing your educational goals.

  • Student Success Center - (336)-334-3878:
    If you find that you are struggling in a course, please consider taking advantage of the Student Success Center! They offer three programs that may be able to help you.

  • University Libraries- (336) 334-5304:
    If you find yourself in a class that requires research, please take advantage of the many services the University Libraries have to offer you. You can use our Ask Us! service to get help with any step in the research process, from finding high quality sources to citing them. Ask Us! gets you in touch with library staff who can help you by phone, text, chat, Skype, email, or in person. You can also find research guides for different departments and courses at UNCG on our Research Guides by Subject page. Each research guide provides contact information for the librarian who specializes in that discipline at UNCG.

  • Writing Center - (336) 334-3125
    If you are having difficulty writing papers for your classes, please consider taking advantage of the Writing Center. Whether you need help polishing a paper, citing sources, or learning principles of writing, the Writing Center is available to help in person or online.

  • Youtube Training Modules
    Learn how to get the most out of studying by watching these instructional films hosted by Dr. Stephen Chew.