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Student FAQs

How Do I Apply To Graduate?

Click here to watch a video demonstrating this process.

How do I apply to graduate?

  1. To apply to graduate, login to UNCGenie.
  2. Select Student Services and Financial Aid.
  3. Select Student Records.
  4. Select Apply to Graduate.
  5. Select Undergraduate Degree Application.
  6. Verify the student information on the page and identify whether you have any special characters in your name.
  7. Verify that the local address is correct—this is the address where the University will mail your diploma. If you would like your diploma mailed to a different address, enter this address in the Mail to Diploma fields.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Select the term you plan to graduate from the drop down list and click Submit.
  10. Verify that the curriculum information is correct. Please contact the Registrar’s Office at 334-5946 if any information is incorrect.
  11. Check the yes or no button to answer whether you are taking any courses at another institution during your final semester and if yes, enter the name of the institution.
  12. If you are getting a second degree, enter that information in the space provided.
  13. Click Submit.
  14. A screen confirming that you have successfully applied to graduate will now be displayed. Please remember to check your UNCG e-mail address for important messages regarding graduation.