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Student FAQs

Where Do I Go To Look Up My Degree Evaluation (CAPP Report)?

Click here to watch a video demonstrating this process.

Where do I go to look up my Degree Evaluation (CAPP Report)?

  1. To generate your degree evaluation, login to UNCGenie.
  2. Select Student Services and Financial Aid.
  3. Select Student Records.
  4. Select Degree Evaluation.
  5. Select the term from the drop down list and click submit.
  6. Check to ensure the curriculum information is correct. If it is incorrect, contact the registrar’s office.
  7. Select Generate New Evaluation.
  8. Select the round button beside the program and click Generate Request.
  9. Make sure the box marked Use In-Progress Courses is checked.
  10. Click the Generate Request button.
  11. Your degree evaluation is now displayed.