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Student FAQs

How Do I Create A What-If Analysis?

Click here to watch a video demonstrating this process.

How do I create a What-If Analysis?

  1. To create a What-If Analysis, login to UNCGenie.
  2. Select Student Services and Financial Aid.
  3. Select Student Records.
  4. Select Degree Evaluation.
  5. Select the term from the drop down list and click submit.
  6. Check to ensure the curriculum information is correct. If it is incorrect, contact the registrar’s office.
  7. Click What-If Analysis.
  8. Select the entry term for changing to the new major and click Continue.
  9. Select the program you are thinking of changing to from the drop down list and click Continue.
  10. Select the major within the new program and click Add More.
  11. You must click on Add More to choose a Concentration. If you do not choose a Concentration you will not see any major requirements; you will only see General Education requirements. Select the concentration(s) from the drop down list and click Submit.
  12. Verify the information is correct and make sure the Use In-Progress box is checked.
  13. Click Generate Request.
  14. Your degree evaluation for the new major is now displayed

Note: Generating a What-if Analysis does NOT change your major. If you wish to change your major, you may be able to do so through an online form on the Registrar’s Office website, You will need to enter your name, student ID, and UNC-G email. Then you can select the major and minor to which you would like to change. There are set spaces for changing or adding up to 2 majors and minors and an “other” box that you can use for third majors or minors.

Although you can request a major change online for many UNCG programs, certain majors such as nursing, business, and music either have admission requirements or simply require that you contact their department. If you have questions about changing your major, you can also speak to an advisor in the Students First Office. If you want to change majors and want to know what requirements you will have to meet and if any of your current classes will meet those requirements, you can use the What-If Analysis in UNCGenie.