Academic Relief Package

The UNCG Faculty Senate has announced a new Academic Relief Package (ARP) for undergraduate students enrolled in fall 2020 and spring 2021! 

It is important to note that this new Academic Relief Package is significantly different from the original ARP offered to UNCG students in spring and summer 2020. However, this version of ARP still makes several temporary changes to the University’s academic policies to help lessen the ongoing impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on your academic experience as an undergraduate student. (For information on the Academic Relief Package for Graduate Students, please visit The Graduate School.)


The current Academic Relief Package has 3 components:



Opting in to any or all of the options above is tempting, but each student’s academic plan is different. It is important that you carefully consider all of the pros and cons before moving forward. Here are a few ways you can ensure you are making the most informed decision possible about next steps:

  • Talk with your School or College academic advisor or a staff member in the Students First Office. Keep in mind that every academic program and major is different. Many programs require grades of C or better for courses in their majors, and will not allow SA grades to satisfy these requirements. Your choices may also impact your competitiveness for future licensures, graduate programs, or professional schools, and an academic advisor can help you make an informed decision. If you only take one of these steps, this is it. Check-in with your academic advisor before making your opt-in selections!
  • Review the Recommendations for Letter Grade vs. SA/US Grading Options alongside the final grades that you have posted in UNCGenie. This chart will give you specific guidance based on the final grades that you have earned.
  • Work through the ARP Decision Tree which walks you through a series of questions and then, depending on your answer, gives recommendations for how to proceed.
  • Read through the ARP FAQs for Students. This is a lengthy document but likely answers any questions you have (and some you haven’t thought of) about how the Academic Relief Package works. PRO TIP: Use the “Bookmark” links at the top of the document to navigate to the specific section you are considering.
  • Calculate the impact to your GPA using the Academic Relief GPA Calculator. Opting in to Satisfactory (SA) or Unsatisfactory (US) grading can protect your term or cumulative GPA, but may also negatively impact progress toward graduation because of credit earned/lost. This calculator will help you compare the impact of letter grades versus Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade options.  
  • Consult with the Financial Aid Office about possible impacts on future financial aid eligibility. If you are receiving financial aid, you will still be held to the required standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress. Follow up with the Financial Aid Office or the Students First Office if you are concerned that the ARP options you are considering might negatively impact your future financial aid eligibility. 



If you have weighed all your options, talked with your academic advisor, and have decided to opt in to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading, this option will become available in UNCGenie beginning Wednesday, December 9.

Check back soon for step-by-step instructions for selecting Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading. Remember that all opt-in selections must be finalized in UNCGenie by 11:59 pm on December 23, 2020. No deadline extensions or exceptions will be granted. 

As students are making their ARP selections, academic advisors will be conducting a review of all SA/US grades. You may be contacted if an advisor is concerned that your choices will have a negative effect on your degree progress or graduation timeline and given a very limited amount of time to decide if you want to reverse your choices. Plan to check your UNCG email regularly, even over the semester break, so you don’t miss time-sensitive information! Ultimately, the decision regarding SA/US grades – and any long-term repercussions – will be yours. 


Connect with SFO if you have questions