What is Starfish?

Starfish is UNCG’s early alert and student success software that aims to promote clear communication between instructors, advisors, and students, and to make it easier for students to access the people who can support them while at the university. Throughout your time at UNCG, you will find that Starfish is used in two different ways:

1) Starfish EARLY ALERT is an early support system to ensure student success at UNCG. Your instructors use Starfish to provide you with feedback about your academic performance in the form of flags, kudos, and referrals. They may send these alerts to you at any time throughout the semester. Additionally, an Academic Status Report will be sent to each of your instructors at the 4th, 7th, and 12th weeks of the semester so that they can raise flags and kudos for you based on how you are doing in your classes.

Flags are raised by instructors to let you know that you may need additional support in the class. If you receive a Starfish flag, you will receive an email addressed from your course instructor to inform you of your flag, the reason for the instructor’s concern, and recommendations on how to improve. Instructors can raise kudos to congratulate you on your academic success. If you receive kudos, you receive email notification addressed from your course instructor with their feedback. Lastly, instructors can raise referrals to connect you to a helpful campus resource, such as tutoring or academic skills assistance. If you are referred to one of these resources, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to sign up for that service.

Starfish flags, kudos, and referrals are simply notifications. They do not indicate grades and are not permanent records. If you receive a flag or a referral, you are strongly encouraged to take action early and speak with the people in your success network (e.g. your course instructor, advisor) and to connect with campus resources that can support you.

2) Starfish CONNECT allows students to easily make appointments with the people in their success networks–instructors, program coordinators, and advisors. This appointment management system ensures that students, faculty, and staff stay connected and save time scheduling appointments. Students can view the tutorial located in the Starfish How-To page to learn how to use Starfish CONNECT to schedule appointments. Not all instructors, advisors, and staff use Starfish for appointment scheduling, so students should check their iSpartan email regularly for updates and communication.

How do I access Starfish?
Students can access Starfish in three different ways: Log in directly via Users can also find a Starfish button on the iSpartan Apps & Tools page. Lastly, there is a Starfish link within Canvas (log into Canvas and click ‘Account’ to find Starfish in the menu of options)

What resources can help me improve in my course and prevent future flags?
Please refer to the Resources tab at the top of this website for a comprehensive list of campus resources. Students who have been flagged in Starfish are also welcome to schedule an appointment with the Students First Office to discuss these resources and identify additional solutions to enhance student success.