Starfish Outreach Team


The Starfish Outreach Team is a group of Students First Office advisors and academic recovery specialists who are available to assist students who have been flagged via Starfish EARLY ALERT. All students who receive academic flags are invited to meet with a member of the Starfish Outreach Team for help with creating a plan to improve their academic performance. In these meetings, a Starfish Outreach Team member will:

• Gather information from the student about the obstacles or challenges they are facing

• Talk with the student about strategies they’ve already tried

• Assist the student in generating new ideas for improving course performance and identifying options for navigating personal barriers or extenuating circumstances

• Provide referrals to helpful campus resources and instructor office hours

After a student meets with a member of the Starfish Outreach Team, that team member will attach a comment to the Starfish flag(s) that was discussed. This comment can be viewed at any time by the course instructor (and others who have access to see a student’s flags) by logging into Starfish and finding the student’s flag(s) in the Students tab. A copy of that note will also be emailed directly to the course instructor for more immediate follow up.

How does a student schedule an appointment with the Starfish Outreach Team? Use this quick guide for step-by-step instructions on scheduling an appointment using our online service calendar in Starfish.

Many advising centers are already using Starfish as their primary scheduling system. Advisors who use Starfish for online scheduling should direct their students to the tutorial located in the Starfish How-To page to learn how to use Starfish CONNECT to schedule appointments.

When can a student schedule an appointment with the Starfish Outreach Team?

Students can receive Starfish flags in Fall and Spring semesters and they are invited to meet with us at any point after receiving a flag. Once a student is flagged, the student will receive an instant email notice, along with an invitation to schedule a Starfish Outreach Team appointment.

Can students meet with your staff if they do not have any Starfish flags?

Our online service calendar is reserved exclusively for those students who have been flagged via Starfish. However, students who require assistance but do not have flags are welcome to meet with a Students First Office staff member by scheduling an appointment via phone at (336) 334-5730 or email at