During your undergraduate career, there may be a time when you find it is best for you to withdraw from the University. Undergraduate students who wish to withdraw from UNCG may do so in one of two ways. The following actions will result in an official withdrawal from the University:

  1. If a student withdraws from all courses at any point throughout the fall or spring semester, thus dropping down to 0 credit hours
  2. If a student does not register for courses by the end of the drop/add period in the fall or spring semester

Students who have withdrawn from the University must take additional action to return to UNCG and resume classes in a future term. Please visit our Return from Withdrawal page to learn more about the return process.

If you are considering a Total University Withdrawal, meeting with an advisor in the Students First Office will help you consider any additional options before making a final decision about your enrollment. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Mid-semester Total University Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw during the semester, you may drop all of your classes in UNCGenie by following these steps:


After clicking “submit changes”, a required Withdrawal Survey will be activated. You must complete this brief survey before your changes can be processed. Students choosing to complete a total withdrawal after the schedule adjustment period should be aware of the following potential impacts:

Completing a Total University Withdrawal Between Semesters

There may be a time when you need to take time off between semesters and would like to withdraw from the University. Advisors in the Students First Office are available to discuss your individual circumstances prior to withdrawal and to help make the transition back to UNCG as smooth as possible.

Students who wish to withdraw from the University between semesters do not need to fill out official paperwork. Instead, you just need to make sure you are not registered for any courses before the first day of the term. At this point, you will be considered withdrawn from the University.

Students who complete a total withdrawal between semesters will still need to take steps to resolve any outstanding accounts on campus prior to leaving. Any housing assignments, meal plans, student insurance, or other services/accounts that may have been initiated for the following semester need to be resolved. Please refer to the list of considerations above (in “Mid-Semester Total University Withdrawal”).

*Graduate students seeking information about withdrawal should contact the Graduate School. UNCG’s Official Withdrawal Policy can be found in the UNCG Catalog.