Academic Suspension and Dismissal Appeals should now be submitted electronically via the academic appeal submission portal. Students may begin submitting their complete academic suspension or academic dismissal appeal packet on Friday, July 29, 2022.

Before submitting your appeal, review the information provided below on how to prepare all required components and meet with a Students First Office staff member to have materials reviewed.

Please refer to these detailed instructions for converting any paper copies of documentation or appeals materials using the scanning capabilities on any smart phone or device. 

As a student at UNCG, you are expected to maintain Academic Good Standing throughout your time at UNCG. Failure to do so may ultimately result in Academic Suspension or Academic Dismissal if students do not successfully meet the 2.3 Term GPA required to continue at the University while on Academic Probation.

However, in rare circumstances, you may encounter unexpected and extenuating circumstances that significantly inhibit your ability to meet the parameters of your probationary status. When situations like this arise, you may want to consider appealing your academic suspension or dismissal. If this appeal is granted, you would be permitted to continue your enrollment at the University without having to sit out for a designated period of time.

Before you get started in preparing your Academic Appeal, watch the video below for helpful information about the appeal process and answers to many questions that you may have. 


Appeal Components

Below you will find the components needed to submit an Academic Suspension or Dismissal Appeal. Once all of your materials are complete you can electronically upload your completed appeal packet for committee review via the academic appeal submission portal

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the following are required components of an Academic Suspension or Dismissal Appeal:

Read more about each of these documents and recommendations for developing strong appeal materials via the Academic Appeal Instructions and Checklist 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are submitting a Graduation Plan as part of an Academic Appeal, be sure to use the Grad Plan 101 instructions. The Students First Office will not accept unsigned graduation plans on posted appeal deadline days. Graduation plans must have been previously submitted for advisor review OR received signature approval from another academic advising center.

How the Academic Appeals Process Works…

Please review the Instructions for Academic Appeals thoroughly. Then, when you are ready, schedule an appointment with a Students First Office advisor to review the information you plan on presenting for review. Although a preliminary review with an SFO staff member is not required, it is strongly encouraged.

By meeting with a Students First Office advisor, you will:

  • Review the information you provide in your letter of explanation to ensure all appropriate details have been given
  • Receive feedback on your documentation to ensure all appropriate materials are included in your appeal
  • Receive guidance on next steps in the Academic Appeals review process
  • Develop alternative plans for continuing academic progress should an appeal be denied

Please note that a preliminary review by an SFO advisor does not guarantee that your appeal will be approved by the Academic Appeals Committee but is intended to provide feedback so you can submit the strongest appeal possible.

Once your appeal and accompanying documentation is complete, you should submit your materials through the academic appeal submission portal to be reviewed by the Academic Appeals Committee.

In order to appeal to return to classes, the appeal must be submitted by the dates listed below:

Last Term AttendedAppeal DeadlineCommittee DecisionsTerm to Continue
Fall 2022Tuesday, December 20, 2022, by 5 pmThursday, January 5, 2023Spring 2023

Only students enrolled in summer session at UNCG will be permitted to submit an Academic Appeal for the August 2022 committee meeting. 

Please note that all deadlines and decisions are FINAL and NO EXCEPTIONS can be made. Periodically, a situation may arise in which documentation for your appeal is submitted to the Students First Office after the posted deadlines. If that documentation is received in advance of the committee decision date, every effort will be made to ensure that it is part of the committee’s review. However, committee decisions cannot be overturned if documentation is received after the decision date.

Once the Academic Appeals Committee renders a decision about your appeal, you will receive further information via your UNCG email account (please be sure to check it regularly so that you do not miss pertinent updates).

While advisors in the Students First Office are an excellent resource for helping you prepare your appeal they do not serve on the committee and will not have any information regarding the committee’s decisions. After you receive a decision via email, any questions should be directed to

Please note: some files require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.