Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

If you receive financial aid from the Financial Aid Office at UNCG, you will need to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress so that you also remain eligible for receiving aid in future semesters.

To maintain SAP, you will need to:

  • Remain in academic good standing
  • Pass 67% of your cumulative attempted hours
    • Cumulative attempted hours include every course that you were enrolled in after the fifth day of every semester that you have been enrolled in at UNCG. As such, any classes that you have withdrawn or failed are included in your cumulative attempted hours

What if I don’t maintain SAP?

If you are currently in good financial aid standing and as long as you earn at least one credit hour, you will be placed on financial aid warning.  Being on financial aid warning means that you will need to meet SAP the next semester to avoid having your financial aid taken away.  Financial aid warning does not require you to submit any documents to the Financial Aid Office.

I didn’t maintain SAP but there were extenuating circumstances. Is there anything I can do to get my financial aid reinstated?

If you experienced extenuating circumstances that contributed to the loss of your financial aid, you can submit an SAP appeal. You can view this guide for helpful advice on navigating the SAP appeal process

SAP Appeal Components:

We strongly recommend using the templates provided for Success Plans and Graduation Plans.

I lost my financial aid but it was not due to extenuating circumstances. What can I do?

When you haven’t experienced extenuating circumstances, your financial aid can be reinstated by following these steps:
  • Complete and pay for classes to make up your deficient hours. These classes can be taken at UNCG or another school
  • Submit a SAP Appeal form. In your letter, include information about the classes you took to make up your deficient hours

I’ve finished my SAP appeal. What happens next?

Financial aid appeals are reviewed on a rolling basis but are typically due by 5 pm on the first day of classes each semester. All appeal documents must be turned in to the Financial Aid Office and can be submitted in person, via fax, or via a document upload process in UNCGenie.  Students will receive updates on the decisions regarding their financial aid via their UNCG email account. Be sure to check your email regularly so you don’t miss important information!

What else do I need to know about Financial Aid?

Please note that if you repeat a course for which you have already earned credit, you will not be able to receive financial aid for this course unless the course allows you to earn credit multiple times.

It is also important to note that Financial Aid monitors your attempted hours as well as your earned hours, so you will want to keep track of the number of classes that you fail or withdraw from. If you are completing your first undergraduate degree, Financial Aid will be unable to award financial aid once you have passed the limit of 180 attempted hours.

Students First Office advising staff can help by:

  • Providing general information about financial aid processes
  • Giving feedback on appeal letters and Student Success Plans
  • Reviewing and signing Graduation Plans
    • Please submit the rough draft of your graduation plan to receive feedback from an advisor via e-mail within 3 business days

    Although the Students First Office works closely with the Financial Aid Office and can answer general questions as well as help you prepare your appeal, it is always best to contact the Financial Aid Office directly with specific questions and for information about your specific appeal.