Although it may seem that some students have always known what they want to major in, many begin college still unsure of their educational plan. With so many different options to consider, it is helpful to have support along the way as you investigate the variety of majors and career paths available at UNCG.

As an Exploratory Major, you will work closely with your Exploratory Academic Advisor in the Students First Office to help you discover your interests and skills and how those can translate to your purpose and passion in life. You and your Exploratory Academic Advisor will identify opportunities for you to explore different courses, programs, and co-curricular opportunities at the University and in the surrounding Greensboro community as part of your major selection process.

What is academic advising anyway?

Academic advising is an educational process in which you and your advisor collaborate to help you meet established learning outcomes, work toward academic success, and outline the steps for achieving your personal, educational, and career goals.

As an Exploratory Major, your academic advising experience is much more than simply selecting courses. Your Exploratory Academic Advisor is especially interested in getting to know more about you and the goals you have as a UNCG student.

Your Exploratory Academic Advisor will provide you with accurate information and direction in selecting a major and completing a degree program.

At UNCG, you will work collaboratively with your Exploratory Academic Advisor to:

  1. Begin planning your personal, educational, and career goals.
  2. Learn the information and skills needed for academic success.
  3. Access a variety of campus resources and services available to support you.

Review the Exploratory Advising Syllabus for more information on Exploratory advising in the Students First Office, what you can expect from your advisor, as well as what your advisor will expect from you. Just like how a course syllabus is a contract between you and your professor, the advising syllabus is a contract between you and your advisor!

For more tips on how to make the most of your meetings with your Exploratory Academic Advisor, visit the Academic Advising Overview section on the Students First Office Website.

When does academic advising occur?

To maximize the benefits of the academic advising process, you and your academic advisor will meet twice a semester:

  • Exploratory Planning will take place within the first 8 weeks of the semester and will focus on helping you think intentionally about your academic goals and career interests. As you talk with your Exploratory Academic Advisor, be sure to share any preliminary thoughts you have about the majors you may be interested in exploring this semester and in future terms.
  • Registration Advising will take place after the semester mid-point, during the University’s traditional advising & registration period. At this meeting, you will work with your Exploratory Academic Advisor to determine course selection for the upcoming term and discuss where you are in the process of selecting a major.

Who are the Exploratory Academic Advisors in the Students First Office?

Exploratory Majors are advised by Exploratory Academic Advisors within the Students First Office. These professional advisors have a special interest in working with exploratory students and are knowledgeable about the wide variety of academic areas, resources, and opportunities at UNCG.

To learn more about the Exploratory Academic Advisors, visit the Meet the Staff page on the Students First Office Website. If you are unsure who your assigned Students First Office Academic Advisor is, you can log in to UNCGenie, click on Student, click on Registration, and click on Look up Advisor.