As an undergraduate student at UNCG, it is critically important that you understand the University’s Academic Standing policy. You are expected to be aware of your own academic standing at all times and are responsible for knowing whether or not you are on Academic Good Standing, Academic Warning, Academic Probation, Academic Suspension, or Academic Dismissal. You may check your academic standing via UNCGenie. Students must be in Academic Good Standing to graduate from UNCG.

Academic standing for degree-seeking undergraduate students who began at UNCG prior to Fall 2014 is based solely on grade point average (GPA). For students who began their degree at UNCG in Fall 2014 or later, academic standing is based on both grade point average (GPA) and Satisfactory Academic Progress (percentage of hours completed each term).

Please do not hesitate to contact the Students First Office for assistance in understanding the University’s academic standing requirements and how they might impact your individual circumstances.