ARS 100


ARS 100: Reclaim, Regain, and Recover is an automated, online course required for students on Academic Probation at UNCG. ARS 100 provides self-guided online modules.

Designed with your academic success in mind, the program focuses on academic recovery strategies related to University policies, academic and campus resources, communication techniques, emotional intelligence, and goal-setting. Along the way, students also have the full support of the Students First Office staff.

Program benefits include:

  • Self-paced online modules focused on academic recovery
  • Custom and personalized support from an Academic Recovery Specialist
  • Resources for reaching academic goals and personal success

Collegiate Coaching
If you just completed the ARS 100 course in your previous term but are a required to repeat the same Academic Recovery intervention a second time, you will instead be required to participate in SFO’s Collegiate Coaching program. As a participate in this program, you will be paired with an Academic Recovery Specialist who will provide support and accountability to achieve your academic goals.

Over the course of the term, students will meet with their Collegiate Coach for up to three (3) 30-minute sessions. During the appointments, students will:

  • Evaluate strategies and requirements to restore Academic Good Standing.
  • Refresh students’ academic recovery plan.
  • Connect students to familiar and new academic resources.

Collegiate Coaching participants will be contacted individually by the ARS 100 coordinator.

To learn more about ARS 100, visit our Academic Recovery frequently asked questions page or contact the ARS 100 coordinator:

Amanda Phillips
Academic Recovery Specialist
Students First Office
256C McIver Building
Greensboro, NC 27402
Phone: (336) 256-0340