Undergraduate students who began at UNCG in fall 2014 or later will be limited to withdrawing from a maximum of 16 semester hours throughout their degree. This limitation does not include the following:

  • Course withdrawals that take place during the schedule adjustment period each term (within the first five days in fall and spring terms and within the first two days in summer sessions)
  • Total withdrawal from all courses prior to the term’s last day to withdraw without incurring a WF grade (withdrawal failing)
  • Approved Course Withdrawal Requests

Withdrawing from courses with extenuating circumstances

If you encounter unexpected and extenuating circumstances that occur after the schedule adjustment period or after you have already withdrawn from the maximum 16 semester hours allotted in your undergraduate degree, you may want to consider submitting a Course Withdrawal Request through the Students First Office.

If approved, withdrawal hours assigned through the Course Withdrawal process will:

  • Result in a WE or W grade on your transcript
  • Be excluded from your GPA calculation
  • Be exempt from the 16 semester hour limit for students who began at UNCG in fall 2014 or later
  • No longer impact your academic standing if you began at UNCG in fall 2014 or later

Click here to learn more about the Course Withdrawal Request process. Then, if you have further questions or if you would like to review the information you plan on presenting as part of a Course Withdrawal Request, schedule an appointment with the Students First Office.

Military Withdrawal

Students who are required to withdraw from a course or courses due to military service will receive a WM grade. Military withdrawals will be exempt from the 16 semester hour limit and will not be included in student’s attempted hours for academic standing calculation. However, military withdrawals will still be included in attempted hours for financial aid purposes.

If you need to request a military withdrawal, please contact UNCG Military Affiliated Services.

You can find more information on the Course Withdrawal Policy in the UNCG Catalog.