In your time at UNCG, you may encounter a need to withdraw from a class, multiple classes, or from the University.  The action you need to take to withdraw is dependent on your circumstances, how many courses you wish to withdraw, and the time in the semester.  See below for guidance on your best next steps.

Before withdrawing from courses, familiarize yourself with UNCG’s Course Withdrawal Policy, Academic Standing Policy, and withdrawal deadlines. We also encourage you to consult UNCG’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (for financial aid) and speak with your academic advisor prior to withdrawing. After consulting the relevant policies and supports, if you wish to withdraw from one or more of your current courses, you may do so by following these instructions:

  • Log in to UNCGenie with iSpartan
  • Select the Students tab
  • Select Student UNCGenie Main Menu
  • Select Registration
  • Select Add/Drop Classes
  • Select the term from the drop down list and click Submit *Note: You may be prompted to enter your advising code
  • The classes you are registered for are now displayed. Use the drop down menu beside the course you wish to withdraw to select “Withdrawn Course”
  • Click Submit Changes

IMPORTANT: Keep a close eye on your UNCG email for 1 week after withdrawing from courses through UNCGenie to ensure you receive any important, time sensitive updates regarding additional action required. Read any related correspondence thoroughly. In cases where withdrawing will violate UNCG policy or harm a student’s GPA, additional consent must be thoroughly obtained before the withdrawal can be processed.

If your intent to withdraw from any courses this semester is a result of extenuating circumstances, after you withdraw from your courses through UNCGenie, you may wish to consider pursuing an Appeal to Withdraw for Extenuating Circumstances. This is especially advantageous for students who have to withdraw after the University’s posted withdrawal deadline or for students who have exhausted all of their allowed withdrawal hours.  

Students who are required to withdraw from a course or courses due to military service will receive a WM grade. Military withdrawals will be exempt from the 16 semester hour limit and will not be included in student’s attempted hours for academic standing calculation. However, military withdrawals will still be included in attempted hours for financial aid purposes.

If you need to request a military withdrawal, please contact UNCG Military Affiliated Services.

During your undergraduate career, there may be a time when you find it is best for you to withdraw from the University. Undergraduate students who wish to withdraw from UNCG may do so in one of two ways. The following actions will result in an official withdrawal from the University:

  1. If a student withdraws from all courses at any point throughout the fall or spring semester, thus dropping down to 0 credit hours
  2. If a student does not register for courses by the end of the drop/add period in the fall or spring semester

Students who have withdrawn from the University may need to take additional action to return to UNCG and resume classes in a future term. To learn more about returning to UNCG after withdrawal, please visit the Former Student page on the Undergraduate Admissions website.  

If you are considering a Total University Withdrawal, meeting with an advisor in the Students First Office will help you consider any additional options before making a final decision about your enrollment. Click here to schedule an appointment.

If you wish to withdraw during the semester, you may drop all of your classes in UNCGenie by following these steps:


After clicking “submit changes”, a required Withdrawal Survey will be activated. You must complete this brief survey before your changes can be processed. Students choosing to complete a total withdrawal after the schedule adjustment period should be aware of the following potential impacts:

Academic Standing is determined by a student’s cumulative GPA and the percentage of hours earned each term. Please see UNCG’s Academic Standing Policy in the University Catalog for additional details.

As long as the withdrawal takes place on or before the University’s posted withdrawal deadline for the term, a student’s GPA will not be affected. However, a Total University Withdrawal that is made through UNCGenie after the University’s posted withdrawal deadline will result in WF grades on the student’s transcript. All WF grades are calculated in the GPA like F grades and have a negative impact on a student’s GPA and academic standing.

Students who are currently receiving financial aid are required to earn 67% of their cumulative attempted hours to be in compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy. A Total University Withdrawal may impact future financial aid eligibility and students are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the Students First Office and/or speak with a counselor in the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships prior to withdrawing.

If students have questions about whether a Total University Withdrawal will result in a tuition refund, please refer to the Student Refund Policy on the Cashier and Student Accounts Office website.  All questions should be directed to the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.

UNCG has a “Fixed Tuition“ rate for first-time UNCG students who remain continuously enrolled. Withdrawing from the current or taking a break in enrollment , will result in the loss of  eligibility for your current tuition rate, even if you return to UNCG in the future. For additional information about Fixed Tuition, contact the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.

Students living on campus for notifying Housing and Residence Life (HRL) that they are withdrawing from UNCG. HRL requires that students move out within 48 hours following withdrawal. Students  will continue to accrue housing and meal plan charges until they move out and return their keys. Housing and meal plan charges are subject to the same refund policy as tuition and fees. More information regarding Cancellation after Occupancy Commences can be found in the Housing Contract.

Students who have purchased a UNCG parking permit will be responsible for returning the permit and/or access card to the Parking Operations office to receive a credit on their student account. Prorated refunds will be given until March 31st. Cancellation of parking permits is not an automatic part of the withdrawal process. More information can be found on Parking Operations’ website.

Students who have student health insurance through BlueCross BlueShield should contact Student Blue for information on how their plan/coverage will be affected.

Students should refer to the “Removing Funds From Your SpartanCard” section of the SpartanCard Web Page for information regarding SpartanCard balance refunds.

Students who wish to withdraw from the University between semesters do not need to fill out any official paperwork to notify the institution you do not plan to return. Instead, you just need to make sure you are not registered for any courses before the first day of the term. At this point, you will be considered withdrawn from the University.

Students who complete a total withdrawal between semesters will still need to take steps to resolve any outstanding accounts on campus prior to leaving. 

  • Any housing assignments, meal plans, student insurance, or other services/accounts that may have been initiated for the following semester need to be resolved. Please refer to the list of considerations above (in “Mid-Semester Total University Withdrawal”).
  • If a student has already filed FAFSA for the upcoming semester at UNCG and you have plans to attend another school and wish to receive federal financial aid at that institution, you will need to fill out the Enrollment Adjustment Form with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Advisors in the Students First Office are available to discuss your individual circumstances prior to withdrawal and to help make the transition back to UNCG as smooth as possible.

*Graduate students seeking information about withdrawal should contact the Graduate School. 

Your academic standing and the amount of time you’ve been away from UNCG determine what steps you will need to take to return to the University.  Please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website for details regarding returning to UNCG.