Students who are on Academic Probation or Continuing Academic Probation will be placed on Academic Suspension if they fail to meet any of the following requirements during their probationary term(s):

  • Participate in and successfully complete the requirements of ARS 100 (when required)
  • Earn a minimum 2.30 term GPA every term (including summer) until their overall cumulative GPA reaches the required 2.00

If you are academically suspended, you will be ineligible to enroll at UNCG for one fall or spring term. Summer does not count as a term away for the purposes of academic suspension. 

Your Academic Suspension Term 

You may take courses at another institution, volunteer, or work during your academic suspension term. Read more about your options and next steps after being Academically Suspended in this informational guide.

There may be times when unexpected and extenuating circumstances affect your ability to complete the requirements of Academic Probation. If this is the case, you may want to consider completing an Academic Suspension Appeal. If your appeal is approved, you will be able to continue at UNCG during your fall or spring suspension term and will be required to participate in and complete ARS 120. You may also want to explore additional academic policies to support your academic standing. 

Schedule an appointment with the Students First Office to discuss your individual circumstances and receive assistance with the appeal process. In addition, SFO staff are available to help you create a plan for academic recovery while you are sitting out for the semester and upon your return to the University.


To return to UNCG following Academic Suspension, you must:

  1. Reapply as a former student through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions approximately three to four months prior to the beginning of the semester you wish to return
    1. You are not required to complete an Academic Appeal to return to UNCG after waiting out on Academic Suspension.
    2. Students who wish to receive Financial Aid upon returning from Academic Suspension will be required to submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal to the Financial Aid Office to request possible reinstatement of financial aid eligibility.
  2. After readmission, you are required to attend an Academic Re-Orientation (ARO) meeting with the Students First Office to engage in success planning for your return semester.
    1. The Students First Office will email re-admitted students to prompt you to schedule your ARO appointment.
    2. The ARO meeting is required before you can register for courses in the semester in which you wish to return.

Note: You will not receive your advising code during your ARO Meeting.


Students returning to UNCG after Academic Suspension are considered to be on a second level of Academic Probation after Academic Suspension. The following requirements apply to students on Academic Probation following Academic Suspension:

  • Limit your enrollment to 16 semester hours every fall and spring term and 8 semester hours in the summer (4 hours per summer session) until Academic Good Standing is restored. While it is possible to enroll in summer courses, you are strongly recommended to consult an advisor prior to registration.
  • Earn a minimum 2.30 term GPA every term until their overall cumulative GPA reaches the required 2.00.

The consequences of not meeting probationary requirements after Academic Suspension will result in Academic Dismissal. Students who restore a 2.00 cumulative GPA but do not earn 67% of their semester hours will be placed on Academic Warning. Students who meet probationary requirements without restoring the 2.00 cumulative GPA will be placed on Continuing Probation until the qualifications for Academic Good Standing are met.

You can read more about the Academic Standing policy in the University Catalog.