Students returning to UNCG after receiving an approved Academic Dismissal appeal or a Returning from Dismissal appeal

are required to be registered for and participate in ARS140: Academic Coaching in Transitions, also known as ACT. ARS 140 is an individualized partnership with an Academic Recovery coach who is trained to support students in their pursuit of academic and personal growth.

During your first semester back to the University, you will be assigned to an Academic Recovery coach that you will meet with a minimum of four (4) times to receive ongoing, individualized support toward achieving your academic goals at UNCG. In addition to supporting your transition back to the University, your Academic Recovery coach will assist you with developing an academic recovery plan, reconnecting to University resources, utilizing University policies, and building a professional and academic support network.

ARS 140 will help students to:

  • Achieve academic and personal goals
  • Balance academic responsibilities with personal obligations
  • Explore and assess academic and career options
  • Develop customized academic support

For answers to additional questions about ARS 140 contact the coordinator or see our frequently asked questions below:

Danielle Nie
Associate Director of Academic Recovery
Students First Office
101 Forney Student Success Commons
Greensboro, NC 27402
Email:[email protected]
Phone: (336) 334-3872