Even with the best plans, life can sometimes get in the way of your academic ambitions. When your academic performance falls short of the University standards for Academic Good Standing, the Students First Office (SFO) is here to support you in your academic recovery. As outlined in the University Catalog, students in academic recovery may be in one of five categories:

Regardless of your academic standing, SFO staff are available to provide you with custom services and programmatic support to guide you along your path to academic recovery. Whether you are working individually with an Academic Recovery Coach or participating in one of the University’s required Academic Recovery programs, by partnering with the Students First Office you will:

  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of academic standing policies, procedures, and appeals.
  • Identify and assess barriers to your academic success.
  • Research strategies and resources to aid you in academic recovery.
  • Seek appropriate referrals to academic and campus resources.
  • Create a realistic Academic Recovery Action plan to guide you back to Academic Good Standing.

SFO and the Academic Recovery team members are here to serve as a resource for you. You can contact the Students First Office via phone at 336-334-5730, email at [email protected], or schedule an appointment with one of our Academic Recovery team members via Starfish.