One of the best parts of being a student at UNCG is the tremendous number of campus and academic resources available to support you throughout your undergraduate experience. Here you will find a comprehensive list of these services. Take advantage of some of them (or all of them!) during your time at UNCG.

Academic Resources – Departments and resources listed here are specifically aimed at helping you achieve academic success as a student at UNCG.

Co-Curricular & Financial Resources –The resources described here will be helpful as you are learning to manage your financial resources and UNCG’s tuition, fees, and student accounts as well as, help you find ways to get connected to other students in the UNCG community based on your personal interests.

Wellness & Support – Various services and offices included in this category are intended to support your overall wellness and general well-being as a UNCG student.

Advising Resources – The Students First Office has compiled a list of resources to assist you in the various stages of advising and course registration.