UNC Greensboro has a wide selection of supportive resources available to you as a Spartan.  See below for several resource pages to help you make the most of your experience here at the G.

Academic Advising Resources

Here you can find: 

  • Answers to common academic advising questions
  • Definitions of frequently used advising terms
  • List of advising tools and resources 

Campus Resources by Category

Here you can find campus resources broken down by category: 

  • Academic Success
  • Campus Engagement
  • Financial Support
  • Student Health and Wellbeing

GPA Calculator

Here you can run GPA calculations to help with academic planning:

  • How your current grades will impact your GPA
  • What grades you need to reach a certain GPA
  • How many classes it will take you to reach a certain GPA
  • How a grade replacement will impact your overall GPA

Asking for help can sometimes feel hard. You’re encouraged to do it anyway! All of the offices at UNCG exist because we know that being a student is hard, and it isn’t something you have to do alone.