Cancellation of Course(s) for Non-Attendance

There may be circumstances where you registered for a course and then, for whatever reason, never attended the class but it remained on your course registration. This can have significant consequences for students, particularly regarding GPA, financial aid, or account balances for tuition and fees.

If you have a situation in which you were charged for or received a grade for a class that you never attended, you can request a Cancellation of Course(s) for Non-Attendance.

Please note that if you attended a class even 1 time, you are no longer eligible for this request. If this is an online course, class attendance is tracked based on your log-in to Canvas or another online classroom management system. Thus if you log-in to the course even 1 time, you are no longer able to apply for this cancellation.

How Cancellation for Non-Attendance Works…

Beginning fall 2018, all requests for Cancellation for Non-Attendance are monitored by the University Registrar’s Office (URO). Please visit the URO’s Withdrawal/Cancellation Due to Class Non-attendance website for more information about when and how to make this kind of request.